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DistroMenu allows you to have a great looking website with online ordering.

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Can be added to existing website.
New Customers
Receive Payments Immediately.
Maximize your time & profits.
Digital Deals & Coupons
Order from any page
Customers stay on your website.
Sticky Cart
Fast Checkout
Customer & Store Text Alerts
Customer & Store Email & SMS Alerts
Not limited to food


View & Manage Orders
Manage Products & inventory
Change Order Statuses
View Customer Details (Last Active, Total Spent, etc)
Data & Analytics
Create Website Articles
Custom Categories
Create Blog Posts
Manage & Edit
Social Media compatible
Automatic Customer Follow Up Campaigns
Send mass emails
Talk about promotions
Engage your customers
Different Mailing Lists


Extra features aren't included & can be enabled or disabled. Printing requires hardware.

Auto Print all new orders
Compatible with most existing printers
Only prints orders that have been paid for
Mulitiple Prints Avaialble (Two+ Copies)
Wireless connection
Manually Print from dashboard if needed
Turns website into phone app
Directly integrated with website
Installs from website
Customer Accounts
iPhone & Andoid compatiblity
Ease of access for customers to place orders


100% Free with No contract & No upfront cost & No monthly cost

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Flat Rate Credit Card Processing 3.9% + .30

**Lower rates available for high volume processing



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How is it free? Instead of charging you the standard web design platform rate of $3,600 a year, we’ve opted to invest into you and your success. For a limited time only, we will pay the web design fee for your unique platform, domain name, and web hosting forever. We'll simply add a small additional fee of $2 charged to your customers for online orders.


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You must have a Stripe account to receive your payments. Your payments will be sent to your bank on a daily basis. We favor Stripe as they allow for the card form to be directly on your checkout page resulting in more customers, you get your own sales dashboard to monitor your activity, and costs less than paypal & other platforms.  Stripe is also the reliable payment processor for major platforms such as DoorDash, GrubHub, UberEats, etc. In order to use stripe you'll need to have your website built by us first.

On PayPal be sure to verify your phone number, email, and add either a debit card / bank information to your wallet. Once you add one of the previous methods to your paypal accounts wallet, that’s where your funds can be transferred instantly from your paypal account.

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By submitting your information, you agree to receive all future SMS & Email communication regarding this appointment.


Why use DistroMenu?

DistroMenu is 100% free to use. We give you a complete website platform. That means, you’re not just getting an unattractive ordering page like other services. You get a professionally designed website that represents your business’s branding & design. This website will showcase your business information, entire menu, and more. Your website will also have full automatic printing capabilities, and a phone app that works for iOS & Android.

How do I get paid?

We use Stripe as our payment processor. Once your website is complete, you can sign up for stripe directly through our website. All you need is your SSN or Business EIN, and your bank's Routing Number & Account number. Payments are sent daily, two days out from the time of payment. Stripe’s processing fees apply.

What is this going to cost me?

Our base price is $0 for customers who will maintain an average of 10 daily orders - We recommend using a tablet for your orders dashboard & sound notifications. A phone can be used as well. Printing is enabled by default, but does require an additional purchase of the computing unit we integrate with your printer.

How does the Order Printing work?

The Automatic Ticket & Receipt Printing is directly integrated to our website. You may use your own printer (so long as it has extra data ports). However, you will need to purchase the hardware computing unit that connects the site to your printer. Upon purchase we will set the computer up, and make sure the printer is connected at your location.

How do I manage my menu?

There are a few ways you can do this. Your Website Dashboard will include a product manager, as well as a spreadsheet version of this editor that you may use whenever you want for free. This will let you upload images, change prices, and even mark items out of stock. If it’s a minor change; you can ask us to do this for you. If it’s a Major Change, we require a small fee.

How do I get alerted for new orders?

Your Website Dashboard Orders page will refresh by itself every 60 seconds.  We also will set up your device to be notified via Text SMS for every order. You may have multiple devices & numbers linked to the SMS alerts. You will also receive emails with each new order.

Will customers know about the website?

We will help you update all of your social media links, make a post, and google business listing to include a “Order Online” button. Plus, your new website will automatically be listed inside of the google search results when your business name is looked up.

How do I give a refund?

In order to refund, you may visit your Stripe Dashboard, click the payment you wish to refund, and press refund for the amount you desire.

Can customers pay me upon arrival?

No. This is one of the benefits of using our system. You won’t have customers placing orders and then not showing up, leaving you to waste food and money. Everyone has a debit/credit card these days.

Can I have an App for my customers?

All of our websites include a feature that lets your website double as a native phone app for iOS and Android. It is directly integrated with the website and includes a menu bar at the bottom. Customers will see a prompt to install it when they visit your website. Customers will also have the “My Account” page which keeps track of their purchases, and reward points.

Can you help me promote my business?

Yes! There are a number of ways we help your business get out there. If you’re coming from an outdated website, or never had one before; you will benefit from our website’s Search Engine Optimization. This will allow your business to appear on google when people search for your business or things related to it in your area. We also can help with social media ad campaigns and target hundreds of people on the dollar, and redirect those ads to people who have already visited your website. We also have a media department that can help you get high quality photos of your food, and help create a digital video commercial as well. Your website also comes with pre-set email marketing campaigns that engage previous customers.

Do you support Delivery orders?

Yes! Our delivery system is set up so you can charge a flat fee, variable fee, and even limit the mile radius.

How do SMS Texts work for customers?

When your staff updates the order status, the corresponding text will be sent out to your customers.

Do I have to do anything for new orders?

That depends on your setup. We have a few. The most used is one where as orders show on the dashboard, your staff will mark orders by pressing the icon next to it; as going into the kitchen, being ready for pickup, out for delivery, and completed. This will send out the order updates via SMS to your customer. There’s another setup that requires only one press which marks the order as completed and sends the “ready for pickup” text to your customer. Or the least valuable setup auto completes all orders, and you don’t have to do anything besides view the order, or ticket that prints automatically.

Can I forward my .com to DistroMenu?

Yes! All you have to do is point your domain towards our Nameservers. We can help you do this.

What do I need to get started?

Step 1. Sign up.

Step 2. We collect your logo, photos, and menu.

Step 3. We build your website.

Step 4. You sign up for Stripe.

Step 5. We Launch.

Step 6. We integrate your new website into all of your businesses listing via social media, and google.

What if I solely want the online ordering?

We will create a single page ordering platform on order.distromenu.com and you can have your current web developer put the link on your websites menu or button. Or, you can use your order.distromenu.com unique link in your social media postings, etc.

Can I use my existing domain name?

Yes! All you have to do is point your domain towards our Nameservers. We can help you do this.

Is there a binding Contract?

We do have Terms of Service. You can read it here.

Does DistroMenu integrate with my POS?

DistroMenu can currently integrate with Clover POS, and any existing tablet / phone you already have.

How does it work?

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